Edberg adidas shoe is back!

It’s not destined to be as iconic as adidas’s Stan Smith shoe.

But the company is evoking one of its all-time likeable stars with the issue of a modern version of the shoe Stefan Edberg wore …. more than 30 years ago.

(Yes, that’s scary. Especially how time has seemingly stood still for the Swedish star).

There are two models – the Torsion Comp Edberg for $100 and an Ubersonic 3 limited Edberg edition, at $129.

How about bringing back the Edberg shirt with the squiggly black signature?

You know exactly which one we’re referring to, if you’re of a … certain age.

Laver Cup merch on sale

With the second edition of the Laver Cup a week away, the official merchandise is finally available (via Tennis Warehouse, or on site at the outdoor fan zone as of Thursday).

It’s a bit surprising that it’s this late in the game, as they probably would have sold some when Roger Federer went on his promotional blitz in Chicago in March. Team Fed’s been wearing it all year.

Plus, only a couple of the items (including the towel) are actually 2018- and Chicago-specific.

Prices range from $28 for the visor to $78 for the quarter-zip. 

Portable stringer could save your tennis.life

(See what we did there?)

If you already know how to string rackets – and you restring (for yourself and others) – a new gadget called the MiStringer might just save your tennis.life.

Portable, weighing just six pounds, you can take the $379 unit on the road with you.

Assuming it actually works the way it says it does, it could be a huge help to players toiling on the lower levels.

Not only may they not have access to quick re-strings, you’d be shocked by the prices some of the on-site stringers charge at these tournaments.

A Future Star to be Born?

You want to be the best, you must emulate the best. Take Taylor Fritz. Seeing the top ATP players were all married with children, Taylor wasn’t going to let his  teenager-ness impede him. So he got married last summer, and surprise surprise, he’s soon to become a father. Yes, Taylor and his new wife are expecting their first born this month. It makes sense. The last guy to win a major to never have changed a diaper was Marin Cilic back in 2014. On a serious note, one need not be Mensa to understand what transpired here for Team Fritz. Faced with tough choices, important life values were honored here, and for that, they deserve our respect and full support. We at Tennis.Life wish Taylor’s new family the healthiest of first child experience imaginable.