Serena Williams to co-host 2019 Met Gala

Last year, Serena Williams attended the glamorous Met Gala in New York City with the future Olympia on board, looking all a’bloom and impossibly fabulous.

Next year, Williams will co-host it.

Vogue Magazine reports the 37-year-old (!!!!!) will co-chair the 2019 edition.

She’ll join Lady Gaga, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, stylish former One Direction singer Harry Styles and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour.

That is some heady company, indeed.

It takes place Monday May 6, 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  

All the way back in 2004, before it was even called the Met Gala, Williams was on hand.

Last year’s theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

That’s a bit of a delicate one – as all issues involving religion are.

Which was, of course, why Rihanna came dressed as the Pope.

But adhering to the theme dress code is not mandatory.

The 2019 Met Costume Institute’s spring exhibition, which opens later in the week, has as its theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion”.

So we’ll see what that produces.

Scheduling conflict

About five months pregnant, Williams attends the 2017 gala with future husband Alexis Ohanian. Next year, she’ll co-chair.

Getting it back to tennis, that means that there’s no chance Williams plays the Premier Mandatory in Madrid.

It is the week following the gala.

If it were a small event, perhaps they could push Williams’s start back to Wednesday.

That’s assuming she were inclined to play.

But because it’s a joint event, the women’s main draw is scheduled to start on the Saturday anyway.

So it looks like a short clay-court season once again for Williams.

Perhaps just Rome before the main event.

Still, that’s more than this year.

Williams didn’t play between Miami and the French Open, where she withdrew with a shoulder issue before her fourth-round match against Maria Sharapova.

Williams attends the 2011 Met Gala with … headwear.

Wozniacki wows in ESPN Body Issue

The tennis career is certainly going fine; Caroline Wozniacki is back to No. 6 in the world in the new rankings this week.

But the Dane also is certainly scoring big points in the sports magazine shoots.

The 26-year-old was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the second time this past winter.

And she makes another splash with the new ESPN Body Issue, with a pretty out-there cover shot.

(She’s not the main cover subject – there are several).

Wozniacki photographed by Dewey Nicks at Spiderwood Studios in Utley, Texas on March 3, 2017. (Photo by Eric Lutzens for ESPN).

We’re not sure exactly what type of tennis shot she was mirroring in that pose – looks like a backhand swing volley – maybe.

The main thing, obviously, was making sure the various body bits weren’t exposed because, you know, it’s a family magazine.

At No. 6, Wozniacki right back in the mix

In the story accompanying the photos online, Wozniacki talks about how she’s been pretty lucky on the health side through her career. But the last 12 months have been a challenge.

“I’ve never really been injured before, for longer periods of time, and last year was just one little thing after the next. It made me realize that sometimes you need to listen to your body and let it heal. When you’ve been 12 years on tour, your body just keeps taking a beating and it’s going to break down on you. I think the main thing for me is keeping on top of the small injuries and making sure that when I’m back on the court, every time I’m at 100 per cent.”

“The worst pain I had was last spring. I had my ankle injury (during a practice on April 7, 2016) and broke two ligaments. My foot kind of went out of its socket. I was trying to slide on a clay court at full speed, and it just got stuck. I was actually wearing a brace, and the next day the doctor told me if I hadn’t been, my bone would probably have been sticking out of my foot. It was excruciating.”

Putting outside opinion aside

She even – gasp – talks about hitting puberty.

“I was always really skinny until I hit puberty. As a girl coming into a woman, that time is always a little bit frightening. At one point I was like, ‘Are they changing the clothes sizes or am I getting bigger?’ I was like, “No, for sure the sizes must have been small.” I think being in the public eye and getting judged for everything you do and however you look, I think that helped me as well. Just saying, ‘You know what? People will have an opinion. Some people will love you; some people will not.’ “

Nothing like being completely in the buff in a studio full of people to make you lose any self-consciousness you might have. (Photo by Eric Lutzens for ESPN)

One thing’s for sure. Beyond the fact that Wozniacki obviously looks great, it’s pretty clear from her willingness to do these photo shoots that she’s feeling really good about herself at this stage of her life. Those two concepts don’t always match up where women are concerned.

And that’s the biggest win.