Former top junior tells match-fixing story

Egypt’s Karim Hossam, a former top junior who reached as high as No. 337 early in his pro career, came clean to the BBC about his involvement in match fixing.

He comes off sounding naive and not all that bright, more than mercenary. But he got in deep before he was banned for life in Aug. 2018.

The report says Hossam may not be entirely out. A few red flags: a reported 20 North African players were involved and still not caught/sanctioned by the Tennis Integrity Unit.

And the player who first approached Hossam is still playing.

Murrays will team up at Wimby, mom says

Before they’re done, Judy Murray says sons Andy and Jamie will team up for doubles at Wimbledon.

“While they are still happy and healthy I think they are quite happy doing their own thing and going their own way,” Mama Murray told BBC Radio. “But I’m pretty sure you’ll see them playing doubles at Wimbledon together before they end their careers.”

The two have starred in Davis Cup. On Tour, they last teamed up at Indian Wells in 2013. Both of Andy Murray’s career doubles titles have come with his brother.