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“Breaker, Breaker 7-6…”

"Breaker, Breaker 1-9."  CB radios are dead, but C.W. McCall's 1978 radio hit 'Convoy' lives on. In this era of the remix, shouldn't they have changed them call numbers to 7-6? (more…)

2 On Court Sources: Miami Open

Wozniacki remembers her glory years

It's not uncommon for people to look back favorably on past experiences that may have seemed unpleasantly stressful at the time. So it is – or was – for Caroline Wozniacki, who opened up at the Miami Open last week about her reign as the highest-ranked female tennis player in the world. (more…)

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It’s tough at the top for Angelique Kerber

Who ever thought being the top-ranked female tennis player in the world could be so hard? (See Wozniacki, Caroline). But coming off a breakout 2016 season which saw her win two Grand Slam titles and climb to the top of the rankings, the first quarter of 2017 is a big letdown. Kerber's record against players ranked in the top 35 so far in 2017 is 0-7, and she looks a little rattled out on the court these days. (more…)

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Johanna Konta, the international incident

She was born in Australia to Hungarian parents and while she was training in Spain, her parents moved to the U.K.. Meet Johanna Konta, your new Miami Open champion and citizen of the world. (more…)

5 On Court Sources: Tennis.Life

The tweener pass, by Nick Kyrgios

We may just rename the video section of the Player's Box "The Kyrgios," because the guy is a human highlight reel. It's one thing to think about trying a shot like this; it's a completely different deal to make it – for a winner. Against Roger Federer, no less.

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1 Off Court Sources: ITF

Turning pro just got a little harder

Did you know 14,000 people play professional tennis annually, with about half not making any prize money at all? The ITF was apparently perturbed by this realization. And the result is a radical restructuring of the entry-level Futures events and the criteria that qualifies a player to call himself a professional. (more…)

2 Off Court Sources: New York Times

Williams father-daughter moment

There's something about a father and his daughter. When the Williams sisters came on the scene some 20 years ago, tennis was slow to embrace their "us against the world" brashness. Now, with the sisters in the dusk of their storybook careers, Richard Williams is finally getting his due for being a tennis visionary – albeit an unorthodox one. (more…)

3 Off Court Sources: Tennis.Life

Maria Sharapova 2.0 is on its way

With her return to competition a mere three weeks away, Maria Inc.'s PR department is in full swing. The Russian great's public image took a beating the past 15 months after she was suspended for testing positive for meldonium and it seems like everyone who's ever swung a racquet has an opinion her predicament – few of them favorable. (more…)

4 Off Court Sources: CNN

Li Na thinking big in retirement

The problem with a pro tennis career is that once a player's done playing, there's an awful lot of living left to do. With the prize money no longer coming in, nearly all pros need to find new ways to generate income. But Li Na is going to be just fine. (more…)

5 Off Court Sources: YouTube

Team Luke video tugs at heartstrings

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) has put together a touching 15-minute video to help raise awareness for the Team Luke Foundation, a favorite cause for us here at Tennis.Life. Luke Siegel's father Tim was head tennis coach at Texas Tech for 23 years. The college community has united behind him to help Luke, who turned 11 last week, in his recovery from traumatic brain injury as well as to support the Foundation in its worthy endeavors. Watch it here.