Post-match “fun” with Nick Kyrgios

There were a lot of objectionable things from Nick Kyrgios during his three-set loss to Karen Khachanov Wednesday.

Which was (rinse, repeat), a shame because he displayed some of his brand of genius tennis too, at least at first.


A long-running rant that lasted several changeovers about a time violation.

Umpire Fergus Murphy giving him some ammunition by trying to posit that slowpoke Rafael Nadal gets the same strictness on the 25-second rule.

Some profanity towards Murphy after the second set – enunciated slowly, clearly and loudly as he knew the TV camera was right on him. Which resulted in a code violation and a point penalty applied at the beginning of the third set.

After some time, a request to go to the bathroom. The only purpose for this was to smack a couple of rackets against the wall (send the wall-repair bill to agent John Morris).

When Kyrgios emerged with them, Murphy had to crowdsource some advice. Because the canny Kyrgios, of course, didn’t smash the rackets on court. (He’ll likely find out soon that location doesn’t matter much in these cases).

Fast forward to the finale

The cameras didn’t leave Kyrgios during the post–match. And (we say sarcastically), he didn’t disappoint.

1): Hugging it out with Khachanov to make sure he knew it wasn’t personal.


2): Calling Murphy a “f…ng tool” and spitting in his general direction.


That’s going to cost him a lot of dough. Or should.

3): Did we notice Kyrgios was wearing two different shoes?


4): Don’t know if the fans did, but they were begging for a stinky shoe (even some adults).


5) Kyrgios obliges.


6): And then – to be fair – he fires the other one to the fans on the other side of the court.


7): Which makes this kid feel gypped. I mean, he begged THE MOST!


8) Some autographs signed on the way out.


At the start of the third set, when he was one false move away from being defaulted (and Kyrgios clearly was over the line where he was almost goading Murphy into doing it), he tried to convince the Irish umpire that a time violation was bogus.

Why? Because even though he had to re-grip a racket after smashing the two in the locker room, he claimed he was in the “returning position” for Khachanov to serve.

Auger-Aliassime respects Kyrgios the player. The person? Not his cup of tea

If he had to hit the return with the handle (we’ve seen him do this plenty), or with the grip hanging down, or whatever, no big deal.

Technically, perhaps yes. Hypothetically? Not really. Whatever else happened Thursday, Kyrgios did get a few points on some imaginary scoreboard for … creativity?

Another show, another expensive night for the Aussie.

(All screenshots from TennisTV which, as it happens, put through their high-priced annual streaming service renewal while all this was happening. It was like they KNEW!)

Kyrgios loses his … stuff in Rome

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