On-court tag team for Caroline Wozniacki

MELBOURNE – The reigning Australian Open women’s singles champion has arrived fully equipped to defend her title in Melbourne.

And to get it started, Caroline Wozniacki doubled her luck on the practice court as she practiced with two male hitting partners.


The best part of it was the twins factor.

Of course, they’re not actually twins. That would be too … Property Brothers.

But similar height, weight and coloring. Add to that, the fabulous, matching shorts, and it makes for quite the visual.

Here’s what it looked like. 

Wozniacki spent quite a bit of time hitting approach shots, taking the net, and then putting away a second volley.

Warms our heart to see that sort of tomfoolery going on.

A “flamboyant” tennis brand

On the other side of the court, it was pretty easy to tell the fellows apart. It was about the socks.


But you’d have to think a couple of enterprising players could market themselves as a matched sparring pair at these bigger events.

It would be a gimmick that could get them a lot of attention.

The “flamboyant” Letour

The brand in question for the shorts is called LeTour. It bills itself as “a throwback tennis brand for life on the Tour”

The company is Melbourne-based, started in 2017 by “ex-professional tennis players who lived and breathed the journeyman lifestyle for the better part of a decade. Their experience of soul-crushing defeats, adrenaline-fuelled victories and crazy tour tales have inspired an authentic creative label that embodies an alternative movement within tennis culture.”

Do you love it?

Letour has a mission: to introduce people to a flamboyant tennis label and provide unique tennis events to support touring professionals and the wider tennis community.

The one-of-each-colour socks are part of the kit.

And it’s already gotten around the site a bit.

Adding the full-colour shirt to the thing might be a bit over the top. But you hope the brand gives out some gear to the struggling pros out there who need a good look.


It definitely stands out – it has a great vibe.

And getting the two-for-one is even better.

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