Gimelstob restraining order continued to Mar. 20

The first official procedure following broadcaster and ATP Board member Justin Gimelstob’s arrest on suspicion of aggravated assault Halloween night took place Monday morning in a Los Angeles courtroom.

It was a hearing to determine whether the temporary restraining order filed by plaintiff Randall Kaplan the day after his altercation with Gimelstob would be continued.


Gimelstob was not in court. Attorney Shawn Holley attended on his behalf.

The judge determined the restraining order was to remain in place until March 20, 2019. Nothing unusual there, but with a few small caveats that reflect how the two men move in similar circles and even live close to each other.

Gimelstob’s son Brandon plans to go to the same school that some of Kaplan’s children already attend.

And so while the restraining order remains in force, Gimelstob will be restricted to the lower school campus of the school. The lower school is four blocks away from the campus where Kaplan’s older children attend classes. (Gimelstob would have no pressing reason to go to the other campus, anyway).

Gimelstob will, however, have to get his banking done at a different branch than his own. As coincidence would have it, his bank is located in the same building as Kaplan’s office.

Justin Gimelstob arrested: L.A. Times

Preliminary hearing next Wednesday

The next, and bigger step is the preliminary hearing. It’s set for next Wednesday, Dec. 12.

The charge remains suspicion of felony battery. No doubt Gimelstob’s attorney will work to get the felony charge downgraded to a misdemeanor. If she’s unsuccessful, Gimelstob would be charged and then enter a plea.

Holley has already stated that Gimelstob “unequivocally and absolutely denies ever engaging in domestic violence or homophobic behavior of any kind.  Any suggestions to the contrary are false.”

Gimelstob, lawyer deny charges

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