Australian Open 2017

Inside the winning mind of Roger Federer

A rare piece on Roger Federer where he lets you in on what he's thinking during a match - specifically, in this one, that Australian Open final against Rafael Nadal.

Some Final Words From Dr. Allen Fox

I was going to personally pen a few final words about last night's match as well as this year's Australian overall, but then I saw this from Allen. His words pretty much say it all. It was a beautiful

Is it 23, or is it 24?

Did you happen to catch the trophy ceremony after the Serena Venus Final last evening? The Awards emcee made an interesting comment. Actually, he made the comment twice. The comment, directed at

Buss: A Serena-Venus Oz Open preview

Mere hours from one of the most anticipated Serena vs Venus matches ever, and not a single comment about whose turn it is to lose to whom. Man, We sure have come a long way baby. If I had to sum up

Dreaming of the dream final

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Roger and Rafa met in the final of an Australian Open, could it happen again this year?