US travels to Serbia for DCup 1st round

The combined Davis Cup and Fed Cup draws for 2018 were held Wednesday afternoon in London.

And big news is that No. 3 Great Britain has drawn Spain in the first round.


Spain will host, and the first question will be whether Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal will play.

The U.S. did not escape a challenge. The Americans must travel to Serbia to take on a team that could include Novak Djokovic.

Canada, which won a playoff tie against India last weekend to remain in the world group, must go to Croatia.

The first-round ties will take place Feb. 2-4, 2018, immediately after the end of the first Grand Slam tournament of the season at the Australian Open.

Here are the draws.

Davis Cup World Group 2018

[1] France (c) vs Netherlands
[8] Italy vs. Japan (c)
[3] Great Britain vs Spain (c)
[6] Australia (c) vs Germany
[5] Switzerland vs Kazakhstan (c)
[4] Croatia (c) vs. Canada
[7] Serbia (c) vs. U.S.
[2] Belgium (c) vs. Hungary

(c) denotes choice of ground, or home-court advantage

For Fed Cup, the U.S. ladies, seeded No. 2 because of their position in this year’s final, drew the Netherlands in the first round.

There was some confusion both during and after. But it turns out that the two finalists have been extended the same privilege in terms of having choice of ground for the first-round tie in 2018.

Here are the draws for the two World Groups. The first round takes place the week after the first round of Davis Cup, Feb. 10-11, 2018.

World Group I

[1] Belarus (c) vs. Germany
[3] Czech Republic (c) vs. Switzerland
[4] France (c) vs. Belgium
[2] USA (c) vs. Netherlands**

**(The Fed Cup says the U.S. has until Oct. 4 to “decide if it wants to host the tie”)

World Group II

[1] Russia vs. Slovakia (c)
[3] Ukraine vs. Australia (c)
[4] Romania (c) vs. Canada
[2] Italy (c) vs. Spain

(c) denotes choice of ground, or home-court advantage

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