It’s really tough to “do the Gasquet”


Richard Gasquet has been a top-10 player.

But if he’s known for anything beyond his stylish one-handed backhand, it’s an on-court ritual he repeats on every changeover.


Gasquet is the master of the speedy changeover re-grip. 

He’s perfect every time.

He takes no time at all.

And he overcomes a peculiarly-shaped customized handle that involves the building a huge knob on the end.

He can do it in … eight seconds flat.

Now you’d figure, since he spends enough time with him, that Gasquet coach Sergi Bruguera would have the hang of it by now.

Nope. No style points, no time bonuses. Pretty workmanlike.

When Grigor Dimitrov hit Court Suzanne Lenglen one afternoon at the French Open to practice with Gasquet, maybe he was trying to impress him with the pre-practice re-grip.

But we’ll have to give the Bulgarian a “C-minus” on this effort.

Too many point deductions for Dimitrov

The finished product might have been just fine. But the Bulgarian incurred time violations for the inordinate amount of time he spent getting the initial set just right. Before Dimitrov even got through the first lap, Gasquet already would have been done.

Not to mention that Dimitrov didn’t having the correct facial expressions while he did it. No lower lip-biting allowed – if you want extra style points. You need to have the slightly protruding tongue for best Gasquet-esque results.


Dimitrov probably should have just walked over about eight feet and the maestro to do it for him.

On technique, the re-gripping hand is fairly consistent between Bruguera and Dimitrov. But the anchor hand location on the handle differs greatly.

Just like tennis, repeatable technique will ensure best results.

Here’s former No. 1 Mats Wilander trying it.

It will surprise no one that Rafael Nadal has his own, special order of play for this – with no concern for the 90-second time limit!

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