Iguanas, couples in the throes … Florida tennis is distracting

It was funny enough when an iguana slithered its way on court and interrupted a match at the Miami Open last month.

But when a first-round match at the Sarasota Open Challenger Tuesday night featuring Americans Francis Tiafoe and Mitchell Krueger came to a sudden halt midway through the second set, the little Challenger story-topped the big Masters 1000 tournament, big time.


As Tiafoe was serving at 3-2 in the second set, there were suddenly … sounds. Sounds of passion. Loud, arduous passion.

And no; with Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova not in action at the moment, there was no mistaking the sounds for … the sounds of tennis.

Krueger did his best to kill the mood, to no avail.

Krueger was the first to react. He went over to fetch an old tennis ball, wound up, and fired it in the direction of the oohs and aahs in the hope that he’d spoil the mood.

No dice. Clearly, nothing was going to distract this amorous couple from completing the task at hand. The ballkids were tittering; the linespeople were having a hard time keeping a straight face.

A couple of points later, an incredulous, amused Tiafoe decided he HAD to say something.

“It can’t be THAT good!,” he cried.

At first, live stream commentator Mike Cation and some of the fans thought it was a phone blaring out a porn video. Eventually they determined the frisky frolicking was happening live and in real time, likely coming from a condo across the lake.

Just when you think you’ve seen – and heard – it all…

The canoodling duo having a dalliance across the lake from the Sarasota Open may have found out the hard way that sound REALLY carries across bodies of water. (GoogleMaps)

Watch – and listen – here. Skip ahead to about 1:06.

(Video from LiveStream.com’s ATP Challenger coverage)

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